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Harbor craft and shore base station installations use SID communications modules for transferring data throughout the local area. UHF or VHF radio modules are available.

Up to 400 standard SID modules may be configured to transmit their position and ID every 15 seconds. This data is received by all other SID's within radio range. SID modules attached to radar installations are configured to transmit radar target data at similar intervals. Any SID may be networked to a computer or laptop using a C2DB software package. Connection allows accurate display of track data from a land based radar correlated with position data telemetered from each vessel fitted with a SID.

The SID module determines its position from the Global Positioning System (GPS). It has the capability to lock on to 12 GPS satellites but is configured to choose the six most suitable for maximum accuracy. The small module also contains a processor board, VHF or UHF transceiver and a modem.

By using the latest technology we achieve a baud rate of 9600 BPS for data transfer at ranges of up to 30 miles between vessels and Port Control Center.

The SID may also be used to pass E-mail between vessels or installations fitted with a C2DB software package.

On-line equipment health checks, software modifications and control setting changes can be performed remotely using a LAN link, modem and SID modules