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Automatic Vessel Traffic Surveillance and Radar System

Utilizes a high quality commercial marine radar transceiver to collect target data over a range of 25 nautical miles. This data is passed through an interface module which filters, adapts and buffers these signals before passing them on to the tracker module.

The tracker module is capable of auto acquiring and tracking up to 1000 targets. Scan to scan correlation is carried out to remove background noise and unsynchronized radar returns before outputting lat/long, speed, size and age for each target to the management processor.

The management processor receives a continuous stream of radar target data via a network link from a tracker, AIS data from an AIS receiver, and transponder target data via a modem link. The module software buffers and correlates these signals and then outputs a data stream via a modem to the SID transceiver and also via a network connection to a local C2DB display processor. The management processor also provides automatic and remote system control and health checking in addition to calculating and outputting Delta mode corrections for local GPS receivers.

The power control module smoothes fluctuating voltages prevalent in the offshore environment and protects the computer equipment from power surges and spikes.

• Receives, correlates and archives data from up to twenty-four separate sensors.
• Automatically adjusts radar sea clutter and rain circuits giving an all weather capability.
• Automatically self tests all modules and downloads health check results daily.
• Local and remote update of module software and control of all module settings.