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The Mariner's Eye Port Watch is a comprehensive marine management system, which uses automatic radar tracking, cameras, sonar, and AIS to provide early detection and tracking of approaching vessels. The system tracks and records radar, sonar and AIS target data automatically (no operator intervention required) within the range of the sensors. The system utilizes the latest technology radar transceiver available in the marketplace today.

C2DB - The C2DB Chart Display incorporates software operating in Windows. This software has been developed specifically to provide the port industry with Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). This data is totally independent of the weather conditions prevailing at the time. Fully automatic guard zones can be established for any relevant assets in the area. Each guard zone can be configured to the requirements of the operator. The C2DB software provides fully automatic alarms when any of the “guard zones” are violated or other alarm conditions are met. The system allows multiple protected points to be overlaid on the C2DB charts. Unique alarm conditions can be established by the operator for each protected point or boundary. Up to five independent alarm conditions, can be configured around any point. Each zone provides alarms based on target entrance or exit of the protected area, Target Acquisition within an area, CPA (closest point of approach on current course), and TCPA (time to closest point of approach on current course).